8 Nov 2001
The Metro column is back on - every other week. My focus has completly vanished into thin air. I maintain sanity by playing video games.

30 Sep 2001
The Metro column has ended. Economic factors weighed heavily. My focus has returned to this city site.

12 Mar 2001
Metro articles now accesed from Main Menu. Tweaking throughout.

1 Oct 2000
Metro - Sep 28, 2000:
Article about free simple pleasures in The Valley -
Simple Pleasures.

2 July 2000
A fresh look at the Guadalupe River. Includes Tony Ridder's bronzed sneakers, White Blobs, Wienee Ice Skaters, Ecclesiastes on the Rocks, and more, much, much more.

29 Mar 2000
Seventeen photographs taken 'Round Town - with appropriate (at least I think so) text.

11 Mar 2000
A tip of the hat to Andy Frazer for providing a fine infra-red photo of Quetzy ala potties. Infra-red Quetzalcoatl.

13 Feb 2000
El Dorado Street, San Jose's own grubby little Red Light District. Ruminations concerning brothels and bawds. A slice of San Jose life - circa 1898.

7 Jan 2000
Two new images added to Stylish Structures of Alviso.

19 Dec 1999
Mark's Hot Dogs - a City Landmark boiling dogs since 1936. Soon to move to Lincoln Ave. in Willow Glen. A recommendation is made to the Mercury News and San Joseans to consider a fruit-motif similar to this for the new City Hall. I like the idea of a giant orange, but a banana shape would be good too.

7 Dec 1999
An update to the Quetzalcoatl page. This was largely a result of receiving a fine thesis on Quetzy titled The Unknown God: Quetzalcoatl as Symbol by Gregory A. Dobie of The University of Texas.

28 November 1999
The story of San Jose's Electric Light Tower. You will laugh, you will cry, you will transcend to a new paradigm level.

14 November 1999
Cleaned up the photos of the Alviso Citroens.

31 October 1999
After receiving an email from the Public Affairs Manager of the Cargill Salt Company titled, "Your inaccurate musings on salt ponds." Free the algae.

20 October 1999
Harry Farrell has done justice to San Jose for seventy-five years.

19 October 1999
Can't shake this Halloween spirit. Must report an alien invasion on 3rd Street .

7 October 1999
A shocking story that will blow the lid off of San Jose's best kept dirty little secret - the presence of un-dead albinos in Alum Rock Park.

26 September 1999
Several new photos in the Alviso page, including a haunted house, and a crisper version of Aloha to Alviso. Two new pages in Plaza Park - Replica Capitol Building & an illustration of San Jose in 1849.

11 September 1999
St. James Park is ready for public consumption.

8 September 1999
Plaza de Cesar E. Chavez chapter is complete on the 6th. On the 8th the text was improved - about 5% funnier now.

14 August 1999
Cartoon, San Jose Postcard - Fallon. Spruced up the McEnery Convention Center pages.

7 August 1999
Cartoon, San Jose Postcard - Quetzalcoatl. A plea for a commerative waterfall honoring the Ohlone Indians.

28 July 1999
Having grown weary of the unending controversy regarding the Metro cartoon, Tokyo New York, I am providing an alternative cartoon - San Jose Toons.

5 July 1999
The Pavilion, having been demolished, was moved from the San Jose page to the Doomed Buildings page. Scottish Terrier was changed to Yorkshire Terrier on the Willow Glen page.

20 June 1999
A visit to Chicago was inspiration for a "Guest City" page. This can be accessed from Beyond the Pale. Chicago depicts wet cows, New York the ugliest statue in the world - once you see it, you will agree.

23 May 1999
The Drawbridge chapter is complete. The Ghost Place in San Francisco Bay is about fifty feet from the Alviso/San Jose city limit (it is, in fact, technically in Fremont). Close enough for government work. How do you kill 500 ducks at a time?

6 April 1999
Ode to the junkyard dog of Alviso.

21 Mar 1999
After speaking to Russ Robinson, former Commodore of the South Bay Yacht Club and current Staff Commodore & Historian, updated information in Alviso. Also, a personal encounter with the Ace train.

18 Mar 1999
A new site is born - Los Angeles Undertow. Though the connection to San Jose is tenuous, it doesn't hurt to keep an eye on our extra-decadent neighbor to the South.

21 Feb 1999
Mercury News columnist David Plotnikoff references Soft Underbelly in his Sunday column. David Plotnikoff's Column

20 Feb 1999
Bay Area Backroads, KRON CH 4. Aired a segment on Alviso using Underbelly Guy as a tour guide. Clicking on the Video button will play the entire 4-minute segment. Backroads Alviso Segment

10 Jan 1999
First entry for the New Year. Fixes to the Susan Hammer Legacy pay-toilet page. An update to the Burger Bar with the passing of Albert Berger in December. In the Jan 7, 1999 edition of the Metro I am described as a "public art deconstructionist."

31 Dec 1998, New Years Eve!
Soft Underbelly reveals, for the first time, the Fallon Statue, scooping the entire city of San Jose in the process - you snooze, you lose. Shamefully stored in an Oakland warehouse, the Statue has been unseen by anyone outside of the foundry where it was put together. Until now.

Underbelly welcomes San Jose historian Leonard McKay to its pages.The San Jose Museum of Art page has been updated.

20 Dec 1998
I ride a pink salmon on the San Jose Carousel. A review and technical treatsie of the Susan Hammer Legacy computerized pay-toilets. An ugrade to the Pellier Park page after meeting the man who was responsible for it - Leonard McKay. Check out his store Memorabilia (408) 298-5711.

12 Dec 1998
Underbelly featured in Metro (10 Dec 1998) In the Belly of the Browser.

In Willow Glen discovered hundreds of babies being pushed, papoosed, and otherwise transported by moms and dads. Fluffy puppy-dogs are squired down Lincoln Street. Photographed a Willow Glen attack dog. Mural of McEnery added to McEnery page. Future home of Fallon Statue showcased.

6 Dec 1998
Added some wry comments to the M5A1 tank of Alviso page. A

18 Nov 1998
Text additions to most of the Monterey Road pages, including a long rambling discourse on the Burger Bar by Dave Hickey.

15 Nov 1998
Monterey Road Romance. Vicious attack dogs, faded motels, dealin dollar Dan, the 5 Spot Drive In, the Burger Bar (5 hamburgers for $3.65). And more. Much more.

10 Nov 1998
Tony's Muffler Service and the Diving Dame of the De Anza Hotel.

19 Oct 1998
Added text to the following in San Jose: Jack's Smoke Shop.

18 Oct 1998
Burbank (San Jose) additions.
The Burbank Theatre, Pink Poodle, Tacos Al Pastor, Jack's Smoke Shop, Fiesta Bowling, the beauty of discount baby furniture, elegant liquor stores, the original tatooed boy.

27 Sep 1998
Some very ugly FMC warehouses are presented in the Doomed Buildings section.