"Desire is poison at lunch and wormwood at dinner; your bed is a stone,
friendship is hateful and your fancy is always fixed to one thing."
Pietro Aretino, 1537

Eric Carlson, 1998

1818 W. San Carlos

Jack's is the first and still the finest shop of un-cellophane wrapped pornography in San Jose . . . according to one long-time San Jose resident.

Jack's Smoke Shop has been here since the 1930's. Originally focusing more on tobacco products than pornographic movies and magazines. A few dusty cigars in a small glass cabinet provide a nostalgic brush stroke to the past.

The proprietor is friendly enough, though store policy did not allow for "in store" photograpy. A shame, because the walls are covered with the mounted heads of animals and, on one wall, a sailfish. The combination of stuffed heads and adult magazine covers is an eye-opener. The animals were slain by the original Jack.

Jack, now retired and living on the Mexican coast, was an intimidating man who would slam rolls of quarters on the counter-top to disturb his customers from their reverie.

Jack's has been at constant war with its neighbor, an over-priced antique store plagued with the parked cars of Jack's customers.

Trying to get "into the spirit," I purchased a Playboy magazine (Sep 1996) with a feature of Uma Thurman at the beach.