"The watchmen think each isle that heaves in view
An Eldorado, shouting their belief;
Imagination riots in the crew
Who in the morning only find a reef."

Gold Beginnings
El Dorado - Genesis, etymology, and meaning.
Bawdy houses, saloons, Chinese lotteries, cigar stores, and "other."
El Dorado - 1869
The die is cast. Man's basic needs are reflected in the form and function of El Dorado Street - corner door saloons & spittoons.
El Dorado - 1898
A slice of 1898 life. Shoemakers, saloon keepers, bawdy girls, mop-boys, fancy men, butchers, bakers, gunsmiths, and knackers.
Carpet Knights & Swagmen
A.D.M. Cooper - bon vivant & haute artiste, Billy Finley - Tasmanian Devil saloon keeper & rough-houser, Tiburcio Vasquez - high-way robber & heart-throb. They all had panache.
65 El Dorado St.
Now WAVES Smokehouse and Saloon (sans bawds). Started out as a whore house & saloon in 1873 and pretty much stayed that way for quite some time. Eugene Votzenlogel's Saloon and Bathhouse.
Post El Dorado St.
You thought it was seedy in 1898? Going downhill ever since brother. The magnificent Greyhound Bus Station. The Plaza Hotel. And more.
Post Schmost
A farewell to El Dorado & a plea to restore the name.