"Ports are necessities, like postage stamps or soap,
but they seldom seem to care what impression they make."
Elizabeth Bishop

Aloha Alviso
Portal into the past. A uniquely mysterious town surrounded by sloughs, spirits, and wildlife.
Old Port of Alviso
Port of entry into San Jose. Barges, scow schooners, steamboats, and yachts. The tragedy of the Jenny Lind. Ancient maps.
Steamboat Slough Unraveled
Artery to the bay. Twists and turns inhabited by fowl and varmint.
South Bay Yacht Club
The Blue Lady sits serenely on the levee. A fey Jack London sailed here on occasion. This building is as splendid on the inside as the outside.
Bayside Cannery
Thomas Foon Chew, The Asparagus King, turned a small tomato cannery into the 3rd largest cannery in the world. A mural depicts infamous Alvisons.
Ghost Marina of Alviso
Marina of reeds and grass. Taboo, the boat that did not travel around the world 2 times. The astonishing "high-tide only" boat slip.
Sin in Alviso
The 1930's were Alviso's "wide open" period. Bordellos, casinos, saloons, Filipino taxi dance halls, and illegal Chinese lotteries
New Chicago Marsh & San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge
P.H. Wheelers real estate caper. At low-tide you could see your land.
Alviso Under Water
Over the years a common problem. Questionable solutions provided by San Jose, county, and state organizations. Asbestos levees?
Stylish Structures of Alviso
Laines Baits, Laines Grocery, Big Yellow House, Ark of Alviso, Wade Warehouse
Junkyard Dogs of Alviso
Stealth junkyard dogs surprise Underbelly Guy as he snoops around town. Ode to the Junkyard Dog.
Citroen Burial Ground
Wildlife refuge for Citroens.
Alviso Restaurants
Unworldly Vahl's, Maria Elena's, Marina Seafood Grotto, Ernies Fiesta
Adieu Alviso
Heading toward decadent San Jose and its million dollar statues of pagan deities. Not to mention $65,000/year leased toilets in the park.

Ghost Place in the Bay. Three miles & 50 years from Alviso

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