The Aztec Snake God Of San Jose. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your statues. A delightful disgrace.
El Dorado St.
Ghosts of countless mortal sins resonate on the block. San Jose's own grubby little Red Light District. It is now, sadly, called Post St.
Plaza de Cesar E. Chavez
Home to Quetzy, Gyro Gearloose computerized toilet, user-friendly fountain, and several historical plaques. Former home of City Hall & Dr. Cogswell.
St. James Park & Environs
Boneyard for unwanted San Jose monuments and human souls. Faux Liberty Bell, imposing statue of president McKinley, Robert Kennedy Monument.
San Jose Electric Light Tower
From 1881 until 1915 San Jose had something to crow about.
Birds flew into it, drunks climbed it, and nobody else had one.
Burbank (San Jose)
A graceful blend of tattoo parlors, discount baby furniture stores, classic 1960's architecture, adult entertainment, and charming decay.
Signs 'Round Town
Sunset on El Camino, Futurama Pastarama, Lost Harts, Snookered, Greatest Sign in San Jose, Pets or Food, Guns, Roses 'n Whiskey. 'n more.
Guadalupe . . . The River from Hell
Tony's Big Shoes, Why Artists are Important, Brown Water Float Trips, Ecclesiastes on the Rocks, White Blobs, Wienee Ice Skaters.
Monterey Road Romance
Diving dames, dangerous dogs, twilight zone coffee shops, splendid concertina barbed wire fences, transmission shops, trailer parks, 1950's motel ruin, and more, much more.
Journey to the (Old) San Jose Public Library
You couldn't get there from here, or anywhere. You might as well have been looking for King Solomon's mines.
Thomas McEnery Convention Center
Named after Thomas McEnery.
Willow Glen
Willow Glen attack dog, oodles of babies, Coffee (opium of masses) Garden Theater, The Leg Cabin, Alley from Hell, Terrier versus Terrier.
Mark's Hot Dogs
Boiling dogs since 1936 on Alum Rock Ave. Orange vernacular. Car-hop service available - remember to turn on your lights.
San Jose Repertory & Good Statue
Lots of deep blue. A 'good' statue - of a feather - complements the structure.
San Jose Museum of Art & Horrifically Bad Statue
Gumby-monster statue is jarring.
Center for Performing Arts Faux Brown Bear
I think everyone will agree that this is a polar bear, not a brown bear as advertised.
The Fox
This building should be salvaged at all costs. Who will play here? The Grand Old San Jose Opry or the Symphony.
The Fairmont Hotel
Includes a "special" display of Frank Sinatra's art - a bottle of Korbel Champagne with a label designed by Ol' Blue Eyes.
TheTech Museum of Innovation
2000 Gallons of Mango paint can't be wrong. Welcome to the Mango Shack of San Jose. Chock-a-block with gloomy "gee-whiz" science gadgets.

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