J.K. Collins, circa 1998

Located at Central Park South in front of the Plaza Hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels in the world.

The refined sensibilities of New Yorkers is truly evidenced in this gorgeous work. They must be bursting with pride. All this, plus Hillary Clinton running for Senator. Almost too much joy for a New Yorker to bear.

I believe the "artiste" was trying to capture that special moment when Steve McQueen and the Army froze the Blob. It sure makes everything else in the world look good by comparison, and it does look better the further you get away from it. Culminating at the point it disappears completely.

"...reminds me of a spinal cord in the lower pelvic region ... with a tumor. Not quite the depiction of beauty I would choose for one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world ... but perhaps appropriate when one considers how many Oncologists and Orthopedic surgeons live in the Central Park South vicinity. Perhaps they sponsored it." J.K. Collins