Thomas Fallon. Raiser of the Stars and Stripes at the Juzgado in 1846 in the war with Mexico. Mayor of San Jose in 1859.

Thomas Fallon, in his final days, was said to have been thrown out of hotels for "distasteful habits." I would like to think he wandered over to St. James Park to sleep it off with the other drunks. Perhaps a park bench could be named in his honor in addition to the Fallon Statue. The Statue is stored in an oakland warehouse for perpetuity - an ex-mayor on ice.

Thomas has also been accused of beating his wife and threatening her with a pistol. It is said he was rude and unpleasant as well. Other accusations label him as dishonest, and a contributor to the deaths of his own children. These were accusations cast in a court of law by his wife - so one can take them with a pound of salt.

The Fallon Statue should be placed in St. James park, with all the other cast-off objets d'art. The cast-off human souls who find solace in the park won't object.

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