Photograph by Eric Carlson


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De Anza Hotel
233 W. Santa Clara
(408) 286-1000

When the De Anza Hotel was built in 1931, the plunger was not part of the decor. She was added in 1951 during a time of heated pool popularity. In the early 1990's, the De Anza was refurbished and a "touch up" job was applied to the diving dame. Go to page 2 to see what she looked like before her paint job.

The De Anza is owned by Jim Fox who, according to an old clipping in the Murky News, "was not taken with her." To their credit, Frank Taylor (Redevelopment Agency Dude), and Mayor (at the time) Tom McEnery weighed in to keep her frozen in mid air, which is good because the De Anza no longer has a pool to land in. The hotel is conveniently located close to Tony's Muffler Service and the Greyhound Bus station.

Compare this buxom diving lady to the one at The Park View Motel.


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