"The cow crunching with depressed head surpasses any statue,
And a mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels."

Walt Whitman

Pondering Cow
Celestial cow ponders the city of broad buttocks and padded shoulders. The Chicago river flows serenely close by.
Wrigley Guard Cow
The Wrigley guard cow allows no one to pass unless they know the secret handshake.
Circus Cow
Mean-spirited circus cow panhandling on the sidewalk.
Upside Down Cow
Sentenced to a life of upside down. Burned red from the sun.
Industrial Message Cow
Vignettes of factories and tools painted on this cow.
Good Humor Cow
Two-headed green cow and Good Humor ice cream truck standoff.
Cow Wearing Red Heart Underwear & Bunny Slippers
Two-headed green cow and cow wearing bunny slippers.
Belted Galloway
His belt is white. His pedigree impeccable.
Lobster Cow
Lobster cow in the mist.
Schmoo Cow
Tattooed schmoo cow gives life to meat eaters and milk drinkers, not to mention leather aficionados.
Panache Cow
Swiss panache. Very debonair with the exception of exposed udders.
Alpha Cow
Toughest cow on the block. Blood-red and bursting with pride. Standing on flowers just to be mean.

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