Podcasts Are Our Friends!

When someone tells me about a podcast with an interesting format or talented, funny hosts, I immediately pile the podcast on top of my collection. Discovering a new podcast, in some ways, is similar to making a new friend and, like my friend count, I now have too many episodes to get through. I try to get through the ones made by my friends first. Legendary local ska outfit Monkey has been talking with various musicians about the state of music these days and how to “roll the ball forward.” They’re hosting a new live show every day Monday through Thursday at facebook.com/monkeyska. My friend Duncan Shields is one of the funniest nerds I know and his podcast Tronologically Speaking discusses the 1982 film Tron using the “movie by minute” format where each episode is a thorough breakdown of every minute of the film in chronological order. A great method for falling in love with a movie and a podcaster. I’ll be listing more podcasts in the coming weeks…

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2021 National YoungArts Week+

Wed-Sat, Jan 27-Jan 30

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An inspirational virtual showcase featuring the most accomplished young artists in the country. Each year, YoungArts introduces the public to the next generation of artists across ten disciplines. Typically presented at New World Center and the YoungArts Campus, the 2021 program will be presented for free online.

Guided Poetry Workshop #5: Forgiveness is Self-Love

Wed, Jan 27, 7pm

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Local writer multi-media artist Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo presents “Forgiveness is Self-Love”, a guided small group poetry workshop designed to inspire writers at all levels of experience to reflect and write about forgiveness, healing, and self-love.


Book Launch: Martin Espada’s “Floaters”

Thu, Jan 28, 4pm

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Presented by Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, New York. Poets Martín Espada and Carlos Andrés Gómez discuss the former’s latest collection, Floaters. From the winner of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize come masterfully crafted narratives of protest, grief and love. Martín Espada is a poet who “stirs in us an undeniable social consciousness,” says Richard Blanco.

ICA Social Club Kick-Off Event with Special Guest Conrad Egyir

Thu, Jan 28, 6pm

Info and Zoom Link at icasanjose.org

This year’s ICA Social Club launches with Detroit-based Ghanian artist Conrad Egyir. Join ICA’s Ali Gass for a conversation with Conrad to discuss his new paintings for 8-bridges and his upcoming Facade Project with the ICA San José in summer 2021. This exhibition will be installed on the front of the ICA’s building, including a fifty-foot mural, that offers an entirely new conception of the relationship between the street and the building’s architecture.

Comedy: Pick Your Poison

Thu, Jan 28, 7pm

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San Jose comedians Ruben Escobedo III and BMo present the fifth season of this novel comedy show. In the first round, comedians are given a topic as they approach the stage and must then riff on that subject for the allotted time. In round two, they’re free to perform older material. The audience then votes for their favorite comic of the night, who then performs a victory lap set.


Race, Activism and Photography Symposium

Fri-Sun, Jan 29-Jan 31

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Rebroadcast presented by The Center for Photography at Woodstock. The virtual forum, Race, Activism and Photography, examines recent societal injustices, systemic racism, and the continued underrepresentation in the art world through the lenses of art and activism. This three-day symposium, featuring panel-led roundtables, lectures, and artist presentations, will amplify the voices of artists, writers, and arts professionals.

Book Launch: Betto Arcos’ “Music Stories From the Cosmic Barrio”

Fri, Jan 29, 7pm

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Presented by San Jose Jazz, Stories From the Cosmic Barrio is a collection of more than 140 stories about music written for NPR, PRX’s The World, BBC, and KPCC in Los Angeles. The book also tells a personal story: Betto’s constant, tireless search for stories that help explain how complex and diverse we are, and how we share something so special that brings us together: music.


Willow Glen Farmers’ Market

Sat, Jan 30, 9am-1pm

Willow Glen Elementary, 1425 Lincoln Ave, San Jose

Info at uvfm.org

In person event: masks and social distancing required! Located in the increasingly historic downtown Willow Glen. After visiting the many wonderful vendors at the farmers’ market, do be sure to peruse the shops along the lively Lincoln Avenue.


Community Food Drive

Sun, Jan 31, 11am-2pm

San Jose Peace and Justice Center
48 S Seventh St, San Jose

Needed items list and info at SJPJC’s Facebook

In person event: Masks and social distancing required! In collaboration with the San Jose Community Fridge (17 N Second St, San Jose), the San Jose Peace and Justice Center is collecting donations of food and supplies every other Sunday to stock the Peace Pantry (in front of the Center) and the Community Fridge outside of Paper Moon Coffee. Visit Facebook like for sought after items and other information.