Bodies in Motion

Health and fitness experts prescribe remedies for inertia. Read More

My Back Pages

Getting lost in a literary labyrinth. Read More

Slavic Pearls

When a 70-year-old restaurant was presidential. Read More


Cannabis and Covid

Despite a recent study, the crazies are still wrong. Read More


Life Is But a Stream

Rather than list 2021's best movies, we list it's biggest trends. Read More

Axe This Year

Looking back at what survived 2021, a year that saw many goodbyes. Read More

Guzzlin’ Ganja

Cannabis-infused beverages still have a long way to go. Read More

The SUCCESSION: Near its mid-century change in ownership, the Oyster Lounge was a pillar of San Jose high societyRestaurants

Slavic Pearls

The Secret Slav Restaurant Society of fin-de-siècle San Jose has been revealed. It all began as I hunted for ghosts…

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE: There is still no indication that ingesting cannabis will do anything to prevent a Covid-19 infection.Lifestyle

Cannabis and Covid

In the weeks after lockdowns began as Covid-19 took hold in the United States, a bunch of crazies and charlatans…

san jose comedy meto silicon valley alto walkerNightlife

Open Mic Drop

There is a certain revelatory beauty in every open mic, in watching a rookie attempt their first public performance or…

VISIBLE CITY: Twice Read Books as captured in 2000Attractions

My Back Pages

The last time I entered Twice Read Books on San Fernando Street, I did not realize Italo Calvino’s novel Invisible…


Pet Friendly Hotels in Silicon Valley

It can be hard to find a hotel for the whole family, including the pets, but these Silicon Valley hotels…

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