Sin Tax

Overtaxation is stifling the legal cannabis industry. Read More


Riot Reputation

Palomar Ballroom’s turbulent history results in grand memories. Read More


Cannabis and Covid

Despite a recent study, the crazies are still wrong. Read More


Cosmic Mall Memories

The bygone era of Cupertino’s shopping districts. Read More

My Back Pages

Getting lost in a literary labyrinth. Read More

Slavic Pearls

When a 70-year-old restaurant was presidential. Read More


A Toast to the Survivors

Raise a glass to these Silicon Valley breweries and taphouses. Read More


Crafting Like a Fox

Fruits and vegetables are in the recipes at a new downtown brewery. Read More


The Fake War

Until cannabis is legalized on a federal level, politicians and police will continue their political theater. Read More



The battle for national cannabis legalization is fraught with absurd contradictions. Read More


Cruising Kooser

When Herman Horton Kooser came to San Jose 160 years ago, he did not know his future street would help…


Same Same

On its website, San Francisco-based Pax Labs, a pioneer of cannabis vaping products, has devoted a page to explaining the…

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Open Mic Drop

There is a certain revelatory beauty in every open mic, in watching a rookie attempt their first public performance or…


Strange Synth

Some people give old clothes to the Salvation Army. I donate FM synthesis techniques to the building where I came…


Pet Friendly Hotels in Silicon Valley

It can be hard to find a hotel for the whole family, including the pets, but these Silicon Valley hotels…

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