We Sushi, co-founded by Sofian Halim and Thomas Wu and based in Santa Clara, delivers sushi with fresh fish purchased from local fish markets every morning.

The food truck, identified by its bright red paint job, offers an assortment of rolls, rice dishes and sushi burritos, which combine an assortment of fish and vegetables, wrapped in seaweed and rice with a special sauce. One of the trucks most popular items is the Sekiwake, a unique spin on the Spicy Tuna Roll with salmon and hamachi.

Halim and Wu have worked extensively at restaurants like Ozumo and Yoshi in San Francisco. They wanted to collaborate on their dreams for the best sushi and Japanese cuisine available so they decided to open the first mobile sushi truck.

Truck Name: We Sushi

Cuisine style: Japanese Cuisine, Sushi

Hometown: Santa Clara

Usual South Bay Locations:Rregular stops in the South Bay include Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Los Gatos.

Locations Beyond South Bay: All over the Bay Area, including San Carlos, San Mateo, South San Francisco, San Francisco, Milpitas, Fremont, Union City and Oakland.

Years in Business: Launched right after Thanksgiving of 2011.

Owners/Chefs (Business and Culinary Background): There are two owners, Sofian Halim and Thomas Wu.  Halin manages orders and finances. He is also responsible for keeping the truck stocked. As the menu expanded, he started to work as a back-up cook. The chicken teriyaki bento and many of appetizers are prepared by him. Halim has been working in a restaurant setting as a server and bartender for many years. 

Wu is the head chef in charge of the sushi station. His daily routine ranges from picking up fish in the morning and breaking it up, preparing ingredients and managing the work flow. He has been working as a sushi chef for over ten years and spent most of the time working at fine-dining restaurants. He was trained by Japanese sushi chefs on the job. He enjoys creating new dishes which usually end up on the daily special menu, and he loves to spend time working on presentation.

Background: The idea for a sushi food truck was first conceived in July 2011. Halim and Wu were working at a Japanese restaurant in Foster City when they thought of the idea. They searched all over the Bay Area for an ideal location but could not find one. After an unsuccessful search for a permanent location they decided to try out a mobile truck instead.

Specialty Menu Items: Wheel of Fire Specialty Roll (a Spicy California Roll topped with Albacore and slices of Jalapeno), the Lobster Crunch roll (with Lobster salad, Cucumber, and Avocado in Lightly Fried Soy Wrap) and the Sushi Taco.

Top Seller: Crispy California Roll, a lightly fried California Roll served in a special WE sauce; and Sekiwake, a spicy Tuna Roll topped with salmon and hamachi in the WE signature sauce. Some side items that are also very popular are the Sushi Taco and Takoyaki, fried octopus. 

Favorite Food Truck:Mayo & Mustard and Scoops

Favorite Music to Listen to in the Truck: Anything fun. 

Favorite Location: Many of our favorite lunch locations are in Palo Alto

Contact: Facebook and Twitter @we_sushi