Truck Name: Soulnese

Specialty: Asian-soul food fusion

Usual Locations: Every Wednesday at Milpitas Street Eats (4:30-9pm); every other Tuesday lunch in Cupertino; every other Wednesday lunch in Palo Alto. Follow @soulnese for live updates.

Years in Business: Six months

Owner/Chef: Jackson Fan, Georgie Fan, Ivan Nepomuceno, Khari Crowder.

Background: Soulnese is the brainchild of the Fan brothers and their two childhood friends. Passionate about fine cuisine and preserving the traditional flavors of the comfort foods they grew up with, the San Jose natives decided to launch the Soulnese truck in order to share their food with patrons who might not otherwise try it in a typical brick and mortar restaurant. The unique fusion dishes provide an outlet for the chefs’ creative flair, while providing, in their words, “comfort food for your ‘soul and yang.’”

The Food: From the tri-tip po boy (featuring sauce-drenched tri-tip steak and cole slaw on a fresh roll) to the mouthwatering “mac n roll”s (gooey eight-cheese blend mac n’ cheese wrapped and fried egg roll-style), Soulnese will change the way you think about both Chinese and soul food. Big, bold flavors are paramount in each inventive dish, making it difficult to choose between the Soul Stix (seasoned prawns wrapped around chunks of spicy hot link sausage adorned with sweet and tangy ginger ranch sauce), succulent fried chicken subtly infused with traditional Asian spices and juicy pork strips over a bed of soy sauce-infused garlic fries. (Luckily the Soulnese sampler serves up all three so you won’t have to choose). As of now the menu is lacking in the dessert department, a shame because after enjoying the specialty savory dishes your palate will crave something sweet for balance. But if the day comes that Soulnese starts offering, say, deep-fried cream cheese wontons there is no doubt that it will be just as delectable as the main course.