The WOW food truck, or Window on Wheels, serves Filipino style dishes with a twist throughout the South Bay. The food truck specializes in silog, a traditional breakfast combination of sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg).

The WOW was founded a year and a half ago by chefs and co-owners Ronnie Hernandez and Tim Luymn. Both were first DJs but found their passion in cooking traditional Filipino-style dishes for a late-night audience. Hernandez and his girlfriend Crystal one day realized there were no places in San Jose for late-night Filipino cuisine so they used Hernandez’ family grocery store to serve dishes through the store’s grocery window. Luymn quickly became a fan Hernandez’s and helped to get the operation on wheels.

Cuisine style: Filipino Fusion 

Hometown: San Jose

Usual South Bay Locations: Tuesday night dinner 347 E. Taylor St Japantown at YC Café, 

Years in Business:
1.5 years

Owner/Chef: Ronnie Lou Hernandez/Tim Luymn

Background: Ronnie comes from a family of small business owners. His family has run a small Filipino grocery store in San Jose for the past 22 years. Chef Tim Luym has a love for cooking and studied at Le Cordon Bleu San Francisco.

Specialty menu items: Bomb Burrito, Longanisa Loco Moco, Crispy Adobo wings, 

Top seller: Longanisa Bomb Burrito

Favorite music to listen to in the truck: 90s Old skool hip hop, The Bangerz, Case In Theory, Rey Resurreccion

Favorite location: Tuesday night dinner 347 E. Taylor St Japantown at YC Café

Favorite food truck: The Dough Truck

Where to find The WOW: Facebook and @TheWOWTRuck