Saturday night marked an impressive return to the Octagon for San Jose’s Mike “Quick” Swick at The Staples Center in Los Angeles. After a two-year break, due to injury, Swick opened the “UFC on FOX 4”s live televised broadcast in a welter-weight bout against hard hitting DaMarques “Darkness” Johnson (15-11).

Pre-fight interviews left both fighters promising fireworks, but it was Swick who delivered. From the opening bell, Swick delivered hands and knees to his opponent’s body and head. In a fast-paced first round, both fighters made no hesitation to trade.

Early in the round, Swick’s hand speed and pin-point accuracy found its target and buckled Johnson’s knees. Great exchanges from both fighters kept the crowd excited and fired up.

Mid-round, the two tangled up against the fence, which would eventually get Johnson to a trip takedown leading to dangerous submission attempts.  Although in a bad spot, Swick was able to regain his full guard position and survive the situation as the clock ran out.

The second round opened up with both fighters trading shots. DaMarques threw a right leg kick that was caught by Swick, allowing him to sweep his opponents leg and come down landing a knockout blow. The fight was called at 1:20 in the second round with Swick back in the win column.

After the event, it was announced the victory also granted Mike Swick “knockout of the night” honors by UFC President Dana White, which is an extra $50,000 bonus awarded. Before exiting the Octagon, announcer Joe Rogan asked if Swick had anything to say about his performance, Swick’s answer: “Do You Remember Me?”

With a performance like that, it’s hard to forget. Swick improves his record to 15-4 (11-3 UFC).

Not only a fan, Cap Calderon is also is a practitioner in the arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing and kajukenbo. Follow him on Twitter at @fight4urwrite.