The Eat on Monday food truck started as a Monday only lunch service in downtown Mountain View. The truck now serves Chinese fusion and new American cuisine throughout the Bay Area, including most Santa Clara County cities.

EoM works with local vendors as much as possible to obtain produce, meats, breads and tortillas.  All meats and produce served by EoM are organic, naturally raised, as much as possible.

Truck Name:
Eat On Monday Truck (aka EoM or Monday Truck). The Truck used to serve lunch at as a pop up only on Mondays, hence the inspiration for the name.

Owner/Chef: Robert Pei and Carol Wang

Cuisine style: Mostly Chinese Fusion and new American, but also other types of cuisine.  The EoM cuisine style reflects Pei’s and Wang’s cultural influences and history. 

Background: Pei comes from a restaurant family and has grown up in the business. He went to school for architecture and worked in firms in San Francisco and Oakland for 10 years. Pei spent time in the Midwest (Iowa, Chicago), Southern California (San Diego) and now Northern California, which has greatly influenced the type of food he serves.

Wang studied and worked in industrial design before deciding to go into business with EoM. Wang brings her experiences of street food scenes from Taiwan to the truck. She loves to eat and cook, but is always looking for the perfect bite. All of the cooks contribute their own experiences with food and life to EoM.

Hometown: San Jose.

Usual South Bay Locations:
Most cities in Santa Clara County.

Locations Beyond South Bay: San Mateo, Redwood City, San Francisco

Years in Business: Almost two Years. The first 8 months EoM worked as a pop-up lunch spot in downtown Mountain View at Cafe Yulong.

Specialty menu items: “UFC” Club Sandwich, Salt & Pepper Calamari Tacos and Asian Tacos. Menu items rotate based on what inspires the cooks. 

Top seller:
It depends on the menu. Both burgers and “UFC’s” are big sellers. For tacos, it’s the calamari taco and the Chinese braised beef taco. 

Favorite Food Truck: The crew always loves to trade food with Little Green Cyclo, Koja Kitchen, Mobowl and Treatbot

Favorite music to listen to in the truck: They listen to it all. The crew is really an eclectic bunch music-wise, and it always brings new music to listen to. The playlist will go from hip-hop to bluegrass to indie rock. 

Favorite location: San Francisco as both Pei and Wang lived, worked and went to school there for 15 years.

Where to find EoM: Facebook, @EatOnMonday