The Chairman Food Truck is known for steamed and baked buns and Asian fusion cuisine from the trucks home base in San Francisco’s Little Saigon neighborhood. With recipes from a “little red cookbook,” tying in with the truck’s Chinese revolution theme, The Chairman makes frequent stops at San Jose locations.

Owners of Chairman Bao: Curtis Lam and Kevin Kiwata

Years in Business:

Cuisine style:

Favorite location:
Anywhere the fans are.

The idea for Chairman Bao was first developed by Mobi Munch, a food truck conglomerate based out of Los Angeles. Mobi Munch is a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to break into the food truck scene. They serve as a starting platform for food truck businesses by selling food trucks and providing brand marketing assistance.

In March 2011, current owners Kevin Kiwata and Curtis Lam bought the truck. Mobi Munch still owns The Chairman brand but the day-to-day operations are run by Kiwata and Lam. It first started off with just 5 employees but has grown since.

Specialty menu items: the Duck Bun-a hand-pressed terrine of Muscovy duck confit, with green papaya, pickled red onion and mint. Made through a labor-intensive process, this bun isn’t around often but when it is, it goes fast. Check its availability via Charmain Bao’s Twitter and Facebook.

Top Seller:
Tender Pork Belly with Turmeric Pickled Daikon.

Favorite Music to Listen to in the Truck: A variety. Whoever pops in their iPod first gets the pick—if you’re lucky they will be busting some dance moves during service.

Twitter: @chairmantruck