Named for the legendary battalion of Irish immigrants, European expats, former slaves and U.S. Army defectors who fought alongside Mexico in the Mexican-American war of 1846, Irish pub San Patricios juxtaposes its multi-layered cultural influences while keeping things simple.

It’s not the oldest bar on San Fernando Street—in fact, doors only opened a little more than a month ago. But what the ownership group in charge of flanking restaurants/bars Chacho’s and Deluxe have managed to put together in that short time is welcoming. The clean white bar top accommodates those standing or on stools, while an overstuffed couch allows guests to sink in if that’s the way the night is going.

Thus far the growing cocktail list is focused on a combination of Mexican and Irish classics, with the majority of specialties revolving around whiskey, such as the Irish Sour ($8). Amid the obvious flavors taking center stage, along with the Jameson there’s a hint of agave and lime. Unsurprisingly, the combination works. The agave, in particular, serves as a reminder that this isn’t a standard Irish pub.

Another house specialty is the Moscow Mule ($10). Garnished with ginger candy, the mule is is a straightforward drink that couldn’t be more necessary in the prolonged heat wave we’ve been experiencing. That said, the sweet drink is an example of a classic well done. San Patricios also has a pretty mean Paloma ($10) if that’s more your style.

Even their Michelada ($8) impressed. Their authentic take on the drink captured the perfect balance of savory and spicy. What really drove everything home, though, was the Tabasco, which some bars mistakenly shy away from when making their Micheladas. To the uninitiated, hot sauce might sound like a puzzling addition, but it gives the drink a spiciness that brings the rest of the full-bodied flavors to the forefront.

For those looking for a straight brew, San Patricios has got people covered there, too, as their bar has a total of 30 beers on tap.

Aside from beverages, San Patricios itself doesn’t have any dining options. However, it does have the advantage of sitting between Chacho’s and Deluxe, and staff encourages customers to pop over to either of the neighboring spots to bring back food to enjoy.

San Patricios 
81 E San Fernando St, San Jose.