Kali Greek Kitchen is not the average gyro stand. That much is clear just upon setting foot in the cleverly designed space, which opened doors this past June on Palo Alto’s California Avenue.

Boasting a minimalistic, Instagram-worthy aesthetic with a bright blue-and-white color palette reminiscent of Santorini, Greece, Kali—created by Calgar Vural, the owner of nearby French restaurant Cafe Brioche—offers a fresh, nuanced take on classic Mediterranean fare.

With an emphasis on sustainable, hormone-free meats, locally-grown produce and simplicity when it comes to their dishes, the restaurant offers three main items: pitas, salads and plates. Patrons can then choose between four proteins—Mary’s free range chicken, Niman Ranch beef, Superior Farms lamb or vegetarian-friendly zucchini fritters—to fill out their preferred dish.

The accessible price point made trying a little bit of everything fairly simple. I started with their vegetarian pita sandwich ($10), which came loaded with zucchini fritters instead of the usual falafel balls. Topped with a tangy lemon and garlic sauce and stuffed with mint, radish, Mizithra cheese and greens, I was surprised to find myself enjoying the light yet filling alternative. Shredded zucchini was formed into balls with other vegetables and spices, and then fried to perfection. The fritters paired nicely with the tangy garlic sauce, which was all wrapped up in a generous round of Kali’s freshly baked pita bread.

I was also curious to try their chicken pita sandwich ($11) for its unique, sweet and savory flavor combination. Balancing bites of juicy, spit-fired chicken with cubes of roasted yellow beets, fresh orange slices and yogurt-dill sauce, Kali’s chicken gyro was different but far tastier than others I’ve eaten. The pita was further complimented by a topping of Kali’s house hot sauce, where a little goes a long way. For those looking for a low-carb alternative, try the vegetarian salad ($11), which is decorated with more zucchini fritters, fresh mint, radish slices and shreds of cheese, all on top of a bed of freshly chopped romaine. Drizzled with a tart lemon-oregano vinaigrette and served in a giant blue mixing bowl, Kali’s salad was an almost-exact replica of its pita wrap, sans the carbs.

Kali’s menu went over the top for me after trying the lamb plate ($15), which was served with a side of Greek salad, a heaping spoonful of orzo and basmati rice, and a generous portion of juicy lamb with tzatziki sauce.

If possible, save room for dessert. Kali Greek Kitchen features Palo Alto-based Fraiche’s famous frozen Greek yogurt ($5.50) with a variety of Mediterranean-inspired toppings like olive oil and sea salt, Amarena cherries, and honey and candied walnuts ($0.75 each).

Kali Greek Kitchen 
451 California Ave, Palo Alto.