Deluxe has all the trappings of a respectable hipster eatery. Casual jazz and hip-hop plays over brunch-time speakers. A neon Marilyn Monroe autograph rests above the door by the bar, which has a boomerang shape. A gaudy chandelier hangs over a dining room with high-top communal and traditional tables, and a nearby mural features the Rat Pack.

Upscale funk appears to be the style George Sanchez has cultivated since his 2011 relaunch of neighboring Chacho’s, a Mexican bar and restaurant that looks like Frida Kahlo and Dia De Los Muertos had a baby that exploded out of a pink piñata. Old pieces of luggage headline the upper areas of Deluxe’s walls and a lounge area in the back has retro leather couches and chairs.

Now in its sixth month of operation, Deluxe has found its footing as one of the premiere brunch spots in downtown San Jose thanks to its comfortable vibe, friendly service and delicious down-home cooking.

We started—on the first of two brunch visits—with The Remedy ($12), a kitchen-sink dish that features three eggs, peppers, onions, garlic, bacon, ham, sausage, mushrooms, spinach and cheese over house potatoes. Anyone who finishes it wins a prize: as the name suggests, it’s a hangover cure.

Other house favorites are simple in name but executed with the precision of grandma, or at least the Southern grandma chef we all wish we had. Biscuits and Gravy ($4) taste like home while the Biscuit and House Made Jam ($2.5)—on one occasion a seamless mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries—inspired a few nostalgic head nods. The Fried Egg Sandwich ($7) is a good option if trying to keep it (relatively) light and cheap.

Chef/partner Chad Ferry has clearly done his homework over the course of two-plus decades in local kitchens, as he pairs familiar favorites with ambitious creations.

For the truly decadent, Deluxe has perhaps the most grandiose brunch dish in the South Bay: Eggs Woodhouse ($21). Two poached eggs, artichoke bottoms, creamed spinach, prosciutto, hollandaise sauce, saffron, grated black truffle and caviar make this dish overwhelming and awesome all at once.

Just to be sure, I made a third visit for lunch and got the a delicious chicken sandwich ($9) with smoked gouda, pickled red onion, bacon and roasted garlic aioli. As expected, Deluxe delivered.—Josh Koehn 

71. E. San Fernando St.
San Jose. 408.271.7777.