Bringing together both players and fans of traditional Irish music, O’Flaherty’s Irish Music Sessions are a tip o’ the hat to the musical styles, songs and traditions of the Emerald Isle.

Informal gatherings of musicians playing and celebrating traditional Irish music and culture, sessions (or seisuns) are commonplace in Ireland and O’Flaherty’s brings the spirit of the session to San Jose.

“It’s a group of people who come from all walks of life and come from different musical backgrounds, who get together to play traditional Irish music,” says O’Flaherty’s manager David Mulvehill. “They just want to enjoy a couple of drinks and have a nice experience.”

While there are, traditionally, a couple of rules about playing seisuns (one rule is that you don’t play if you don’t know the song), David says that the regulars are welcoming and friendly to players of all abilities.

“You’re welcome to chime in where you can,” says Mulvehill.  “Nobody’s going to kick you out if you hit a wrong note.”

He explains that the sessions draw a mixed crowd; some people come all the way from Ireland, but the sessions bring together people from all different backgrounds.

A place for the Irish and Ireland-appreciating community to come together and celebrate the island’s rich history, O’Flaherty’s music sessions (as well as the pub’s trivia night, live bands, televised sporting events and more) help create a sense of community in San Jose. A part of life in Ireland, sessions provide a chance to play or enjoy traditional music and make a few new friends in the process. As the pub’s slogan says, “You’re a stranger here but once.”

Hailing from Ireland, Mulvehill says that the sessions “bring a warm feeling” and remind him of home.

“It draws a nice crowd and reminds people of their trip to Ireland, or brings back memories of home,” he says. “It’s nice that you can be a thousand miles away from home and people can appreciate and participate in your culture.”

O’Flaherty’s Irish Music Sessions are held on Sundays at 5pm and Tuesdays at 6:30pm.