Ice cream flavors have long escaped the bonds of plain vanilla but there’s such a thing as going too far: double chocolate, overload brownie bite supreme. The ice cream at Tin Pot Creamery is produced in small batches in a selection of creative flavors.

Before opening Tin Pot Creamery in 2013, Becky Sunseri served as pastry chef for Martin’s West Gastropub in Redwood City and on Facebook’s culinary team. Tin Pot uses Straus Creamery organic dairy products to make all of its ice creams. The small store that operates at Palo Alto’s Town & Country Village has a rustic, artisanal feel. A handwritten menu on a wood-framed chalkboard and roughhewn wood furnishings throughout the store complement the homemade feel.

Tin Pot serves attention-getting ingredient combinations along with familiar favorites. A scoop of comforting chocolate or mint chip can share cone space with palate-tweaking extravagances like crème fraîche, lavender with blueberry swirl or earl grey tea. Homemade toppings, like toasted graham crackers and shortbread cookies, as well as a delectable salted caramel sauce, can be added to any order.

Forgoing traditional flavors on my first visit, I focused on the more unusual creations. Overall, my impression was that every flavor tastes about like what one would expect, but they’re still unexpectedly spoon-licking good. My favorite surprise was a single scoop of lavender with blueberry swirl ($3.50). An incredibly saturated taste of lavender greets you at first taste, then you find a sweet, fruity ribbon of blueberry. Adding toasted graham crackers made for a lovely marriage of flavors. To some, the lavender may be overpoweringly floral, but I enjoyed it enough to bring home a pint ($10-$11) for future indulgences. The sweet cream with honey balsamic swirl is dominated by the rich, simple, sweet cream flavor, but gets a tart twist from the balsamic. Tasty, but I didn’t need to enjoy more than a sample.

On a second visit I ordered one of Tin Pot’s sundae creations, the salted caramel pecan sundae ($7.75) and it was delicious. I also sampled the birthday cake flavor, which, as the name promises, tasted exactly like an ice cream birthday cake, floury texture included.

With so many inviting flavors, it can be difficult to decide what to order. But there’ll be plenty of time to ponder the choices while waiting in line. Though the line doesn’t wrap around the block, clearly many patrons want to make a more informed decision and hold up the line while sampling up to three flavors.