Sweet Rendezvous lives up to its name, bringing together desserts and candy of all kinds, as well as other goodies such as toys, jewelry and artwork.

In addition to serving scoops of more than 50 ice cream flavors, the South San Jose dessert bar sells quarts of ice cream and treats like ice cream cakes, pies, sandwiches and frozen bananas. There’s a classic ’50s diner-style dessert case filled with lemon bars, s’mores bars and pear almond bars. And to wash it all down: old-timey bottled sodas, coffee, even Persian tea (hot or iced)—a house-made blend that includes spices such as cardamom.

In addition to the astonishing variety of products Sweet Rendezvous offers, the place sets itself apart with unusual decor. Paintings of children enjoying ice cream cones decorate the ice cream counter. Different shades of bright pink hold sway, right down to delicate roses painted in the middle of each table.

Sweet Rendezvous serves ice cream from three different manufacturers: Marianne’s from Santa Cruz, Loard’s from San Leandro and Golnazar, a Persian ice cream company from San Ramon. All are offered both as scoops ($2.95 kids size, $3.95 single, $4.95 double). Portion sizes are generous—a “single” is actually two scoops and a “double” is three. Every serving comes topped with a “teaser scoop”—a little taste, about a spoonful.

Quarts of ice cream range from $6.95 (pre-packed) to $9.95 (hand-packed).

The menu includes plenty of the standard flavors, but also more nontraditional choices such as ube (purple yam), lemon chiffon, oatmeal raisin cookie, Persian Nutella and lychee. I tried the saffron pistachio and the burgundy cherry. I particularly enjoyed the burgundy cherry. It was fruity, creamy and it evenly encompassed both a sweet cherry flavor and rich burgundy wine flavor.

Tucked away almost out of sight were Sweet Rendezvous’ European desserts, which included items like parfaits, macarons and blood orange mousse. The best of these—and perhaps the highlight of the entire restaurant—was the bomboloni, an Italian donut. The bomboloni are filled with a chocolate custard and taste like a typical American-style glazed donut, but with a crispy texture.

Sweet Rendezvous serves bomboloni plain or with a scoop of ice cream inside. I, of course, ordered mine with ice cream. At the clerk’s recommendation I went with the popular 10-20 flavor, a combination of caramel, fudge and Oreo cookies. The whole thing was a delight to eat.

I particularly liked the subtle hint of what tasted like maple, but I couldn’t tell whether it was coming from the donut or the ice cream. Either way, it was an unexpected treat to find in an ice cream parlor—almost as surprising as a pair of earrings and bags of gummy bears.