While trying to find Tin Pot Creamery in Palo Alto’s Town & Country Village shopping center, I decided to ask someone in Trader Joe’s. “I do know where that is,” he said, “Turn the corner, there’s usually a long line. You can’t miss it.”
The nights are still warm this month, and Palo Alto was alit with summer dining scenes: large oak trees hovering over lively tables, diners clinking wine glasses, the occasional dog keeping things interesting on the patio. The scenes cast a spell as we walked to get our ice cream.

The line was long, but moved quickly. Seven to nine flavors are seasonally set, while three to four flavors change, allowing for creative whims. The flavors aren’t completely out-there, but they are outside the traditional run-of-the-mill ice cream shop and more characterized by seasonal ingredients. On my venture there I was nursing a cold and tried the sweet cream with honey balsamic swirls ($3.50 for one scoop, $4 for two). It was the texture that won it for me. The spoonfuls were heavy, rich and stuck to the roof of my mouth as I ate; the cold honey swirls were calming and full-bodied. Other flavors that looked enticing: their Earl Grey, Four Barrel coffee with cocoa nib toffee, and roasted banana fudge ripple.
An “Awesome Olive Oil” ($6.25) sundae featured Tin Pot’s vanilla bean, a drizzling of olive oil and rough sea salt. And, on a predictable but familiar note, gooey brownies in display cases tempted the indulgent diner.
Overall, a charming addition to Palo Alto, and a nice addition to the network of other Bay Area creameries making strides in their field: Bi-Rite of San Francisco and Ici in Berkeley.