Whether they’re playing blues-heavy beats, retro soul or German Umpapa, local musicians have been making Tuesday nights at San Pedro Square loud.

Bands and musicians of widely varying style and genre have been performing at the The Theatre on San Pedro Square every Tuesday, taking part in the new music series, presented by Tabard Theatre Company. The event, dubbed TOSPS Tuesdays, has been a success, averaging about 100 attendees each week, according to producer Nick Nichols.

The assortment of bands runs the gamut and each week brings a different energy to the theater. Nichols notes there are even a few performers who are “big wigs in high tech and business” by day and “by night they come out and are incredible horn players and soul singers.”

But no matter what, there is usually dancing. With a cash bar opened behind red curtains and upgraded amplifiers blasting live sound, most of the audience find themselves grooving to the music. Whether they’re kids attending with their families or people in their 70s, it’s always “party-like,” says Nichols. “It’s a very festive and fun thing.”

Since the series debuted in March, more than 20 bands have played—all local, all free. Musicians sign up to perform on a first-come, first-served basis and collect revenue in a tip jar and through merchandise sales. After the show finishes at 10pm the performers often step down from the stage and mingle with the audience.

Last week, TOSPS Tuesdays featured Jake Nielsen—a blues guitarist with cerebral palsy who attracted attention for using his crutches to manipulate the sound pedals. He even wielded them to perform glissando, a technique of rapidly sliding down a series of notes. The audience was dazzled by his performance that, as Nichols puts it, “was an inspiration on so many levels.”

“It was definitely one of the best indoor venues I’ve played in my career,” Nielsen says. “The crowd was awesome.”

In addition, Tabard’s partner in the music series, Silicon Valley Blues Society, hosts a competition between three bands at the first TOSPS Tuesday of every month. At the end of the year a top band and a runner up will be named and awarded prizes, including gigs at San Jose events and studio time at Tiki Recording Studios.

“It’s probably my favorite venue,” Marianne Adoradio, treasurer of the Silicon Valley Blues Society, says of the theater. “It’s intimate. People feel they’re part of the music. They feel there with the musician … you’re almost in another world.”

There is “no end date in mind” for TOSPS Tuesdays, Nichols says. The series is currently booked until around the end of the year, but organizers want to continue as long as possible. Nichols said the concerts have attracted people to his venue and delivered the company’s mission of providing an inclusive place for the community.

“I’m thrilled,” Nichols says. “I’m just thrilled. It’s doing everything we hoped it would do and more.”