Sharon “Shay” Nasol and her husband, Rico, were on a train ride back from San Francisco when hunger hit.

“I couldn’t stop talking about how hungry I was and how I loved Rico’s French fries, especially his truffle parmesan fries,” Shay gushed. “The hungrier we got, the more topping ideas we came up with.”

The flexibility of French fries is part of what brought this dream to fruition. “Everyone was pushing us to open up a restaurant for years,” Nasol continued. “We want to combine passion for gourmet and ethnic tastes with everyone’s favorite side dish. Small Fry is meant to bring comfort food to the masses.”

Using Rico’s own Belgian style French fries as a platform, the Small Fry food truck doles out creative food montages. Each item interprets the city that it is named after. Take, for instance, the Seoul Fry, garnished with succulent Korean style spicy pork, homemade kimchee, grated cheddar cheese and a drizzle of red pepper sauce.

For those who’ve always wanted to try adobo, the savory Manila Fry comes topped with Filipino-style chicken adobo and Small Fry’s signature Sriracha mayo.

And how does the San Jose Fry look like? It’s topped with braised beef, grated cheddar and signature garlic-rosemary mayo.

Small Fry has already formed fundraising relationships with several schools and community centers.

“We are not just about sharing our passion for food with the community, but we want to share our passion for humanity,” said Shay. “Rico grew up here and we want to give back. He went to Independence High School. The San Jose community has really shaped our lives.”

The Nasols will officially begin their routes around Santa Clara on November 11th. The menu is presented with price points of $2, $4, $6, and $8.  For more information, you can follow them on Twitter at @eatsmallfry, or friend them at