"A good many inconveniences attend playgoing in any large city, but the greatest of them is usually the play itself."

 Kennoth Tynan

Photograph by Eric Carlson

101 Paseo de San Antonio
Architect: Holt Hinshaw, San Francisco
Opened November 3, 1997. Mayor Susan Hammer in attendance.

A definite thumbs up on this one. The shape is not unlike that of a huge barn run amok. Gloriously askew. The deep blue is fitting for this structure - especially under a blue sky. Soon, I will venture inside to review the interior spaces.

The exterior is composed of pre-finished ribbed metal panels in varying depths. The color is Marina Blue. It has a durable Kynar (clear coat) finish. The base of the building is glass and flamed limestone.

52,000 square feet. 83 feet high. 525 seats in 3 seating sections: Orchestra, Parterre, & Balcony.

One of the few decent San Jose public sculptures stands in front - sculpted by Douglass Hollis. The very idea of a statue of a feather is preposterous and wonderful. The city needs to hire this guy to replace the monstrosity in front of the San Jose Museum of Art.

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