"I am an infidel. I know what an infidel is, and that's what I am."
Luther Burbank (Infidel and Horticulturist)

Burbank Theater
Classic 1950's movie theater named after infidel horticulturist Luther Burbank. Now a smut emporium.
The Pink Poodle
Adult "live" entertainment. Located next to Babyland. Satisfy those adult needs of yours in the darkened recess's of this sin hovel.
Burbank is "the" place to shop for all your baby's needs. Located next to the Pink Poodle.
Fiesta Bowling
A warp in time takes you back to 1967. A digression into bowling anecdotes.
Jack's Smoke Shop
The first and still the finest un-cellophane wrapped pornography in San Jose. A few dusty cigars and many stuffed heads of animals.
Taverns & Liquor of Burbank
Safe havens in worn out suburbia.
San Carlos Street Tattoos
Lewie the Original Tattooed Boy, Professor Hank, Thomas and Mildred.
My Beautiful Launderette
How many missing pieces can you find?

Named after Luther Burbank - a renowned Horticulturist who shocked the Bay Area and the nation in 1926 . . . by announcing he was an infidel.

These are the un-written boundaries. Meridian on the east; Bascom on the west; San Carlos on the north; and Parkmoor (Hwy 280) on the south. It is a 2.6 mile circuit.

Burbank is unincorporated (Santa Clara County), which "frees it up" from many of the encumbrances of San Jose city government. That is possibly why there are so many tattoo parlors, adult entertainment palaces, and baby furniture outlet centers.


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