"Pearls around the neck - stones upon the heart."

 Yiddish Proverb

Photograph by Eric Carlson

170 S. Market Street
Located across the street from Quetzalcoatl.


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23 May 1998
To inquire about room rates I dial (408) 998-1900.
Woman: "Fairmont Hotel."
Eric: "Hello, I would like to inquire about room rates."
  The woman switches me to another line without saying a word.
After ringing a few times the phone goes dead.
I dial the number again and get the same woman of few words.
Woman: "Fairmont Hotel."
Eric: "Yes, I just called a second ago and ..."
Woman: (cutting me off) "What do you want?"
Eric: "I'd like to inquire about room rates."
Woman: "One moment." I am abruptly switched to another line.
Man: "Fairmont reservations. Can I help you?"
Eric: "Hi, I'd like to inquire about room rates."
Man: "For tonight sir?"
Eric: "Well, actually for sometime in June. I don't know the exact day at this time."
Man: "Our room rates change constantly sir."
Eric: "Could you you give me a ballpark figure. It would be helpfull for planning purposes."
Man: (after several minutes of paper shuffling): "Two hundred sixty nine dollars a night sir."
Eric: "Thank you.
I have the feeling $269 might be a conservative figure. Eric


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