"We cannot get grace from gadgets. In the bakelite house of the future, the dishes may not break, but the heart can. Even a man with ten shower baths may find life flat, stale and unprofitable."

 J.B. Priestley

Photograph by Eric Carlson


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Wow. I hope you like mango, lapis lazulli, and azure. I certainly do. Even on a rainy day, this building is vibrant and eye-pleasing. The work of a master.
Grand opening on 31 October 1998.

Transitory Granite

Glum Quetzy Faces Mango Truth
Assault on Mount Quetzy
Wet Mango, Lapis Lazuli
Faux Ribbon Cutting
The Cork is Popped
Tech Balloony Monsters
Tech Robot & Cigar Smoker

It is located just across the street from the Plaza de Cesar Chavez on Market Street. Here is what it looked like during construction.

The Tech Museum has it's own web page. Here it is (just remember to come back here or I will have to go in after you): www.thetech.org

Click here to see what the old Tech Museum of Innovation looked like.


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