7 Jan 2006




San Jose
Quetzalcoatl, El Dorado St. (Post St. nowadays), Plaza de Cesar E. Chavez, St. James Park, Faux Bear, Burbank, Monterey Rd., Lovely Willow Glen, San Jose Electric Light Tower, Guadalupe River, Significant Signs, and more.
Old Port of Alviso, Steamboat Slough, Alviso Yacht Club, Ghost Marina of Alviso, Sin In Alviso, Bayside Cannery, Citroen Graveyard, Laines Bait's, Vahl's, New Chicago Marsh, Alviso junk-yard dogs.
Beyond the Pale
Drawbridge, Fallon Statue (pre-arrival and post-arrival), Pellier Park, JCDecaux Toilet in the Park, Hickey Cavalier, DeAnza Plunger, The sad end of the Revolving Ford Fairlane of the Great Mall, Carousel, Alum Rock Park.
Doomed & Saved
Jose Theater (Saved), The Montgomery Hotel (moved, but remains unrestored), The Pestana (deceased), FMC (deceased), The Pavilion (deceased).
Brand New Stuff -- July 2002 to Infinity
Quetzalcoatl in City Hall. The dome has arisen.

"The roads of San Jose are wide, well graded, and ballasted with gravel and rock.
Unaffected by frost or flood, they improve with use, and require little attention."
Hon. David Belden, Souvenir of the Carnival of Roses 1901

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