Excellent history section, local hotels & restauraunts.

San Jose's distinguished alternative weekly newspaper--scabrous, saucy, and informative. Multiple Winner of the prestigious International Peabody Award for Journalist Excellence.

San Jose's daily newspaper.

Mercury News
The official San Jose site. A fine resourse for things San Jose-ish--including New City Hall.

 City of San Jose
A look inside San Jose politics and culture.

San Jose Inside
Keep up to date with the latest atrocities planned by the San Jose Redevelopment Agency. What rich out-of-towner will be taking over your neighborhood?

 San Jose Redevelopment Agency
An exceptional site on Los Gatos.

The newsletter of the San Jose Country Club Neighborhoods. A source for things Alum Rock & some fine history writing.

 New Neighborhood Voice
The secrets of the Universe, at least San Jose's universe, can be unlocked from the keys found in this room at the San Jose Library.

The California Room 
Santa Clara County Guv'ment. Highly-paid folks making a better world for you and me.

Santa Clara County Guv'ment
The Triton museum in Santa Clara is accessible and usually has something on the walls to engage the mind. A wonderfully ridiculous Benny Bufano sculpture towers into the sky across the street.

 The Triton Museum of Art 
This Museum of Art is a mixed bag, for my plebian tastes, often featuring incomprehensible and ever so subtle works of nonsense instead of what I would like to see--which is paintings of dogs. There is a magnificent Joan Brown in the collection. (Joan knew that dogs were good.)

 San Jose Museum of Art 
Andy Frazer, unlike that poseur Underbelly Guy, is a bona fida photographer. And he has done San Jose in infrared--of all things. Andy may be one of the undead, as he ventures out under the full moon with a big grin.

Andy's InfraRed Website
PAC has the right idea: Preserve don't destroy. (Because any change is for the worse.)

Preservation Action Council of
San Jose (PAC)
Nick Perry has put his heart and soul into this site, and it is looking sharper every time I look in.

A Guide To Mountain View
Frontier Village in San Jose was a western theme park that provided faux western thrills from 1961 to 1980. Most graying San Joseans have frolicked there, and report back positively.

Frontier Village
Irresistible Burbank, CA. A superb example of "genius in the details." This may be the greatest web site of all time. Awe inspiring.

Wes Clark's Avocado Memories
Graves of the famous, infamous, and unfamous.

Find a Grave
Amazing site with stories and data on every food item under the sun.  

Food Reference Website
Links to countless worthy sites.

 Drudge Report
A fountainhead of dictionary, thesaurus, etc.