"There is but one step from the sublime to the ridiculous."
Napoleon I

Sinking Ghost Place in the bay. South Coast Pacific Railroad, Duck Gambling, Duck Harvesting with cannon, "Friendly" Ladies.
Alum Rock Park & Heinous Albinos
Some albinos go bad ... and congregate in un-dead havens in Alum Rock Park. Ritualistic torture, poodle shish-ka-bobs - and worse.
N. 3rd Street Alien Sighting
Aliens drop in on downtown San Jose residents. Larvae incubate.
Thomas Fallon Statue Unveiled
Shamefully stored in an Oakland warehouse for years, it finally landed in San Jose.
San Jose Pay-Toilets
Not a toilet - it's public furniture. Computerized and networked.
The hazards of abuse occupancy are described.
I ride the Giant Spawning Salmon. $1.76 million is a small price to pay for a Merry-Go-Round. Sure, historical landmarks are rotting all over the city - this thing you can ride and get dizzy.
Pellier Park - New Home to Fallon?
Abandoned historical site gone to ruin. San Jose dishonors the efforts of Jim Arbuckle and Leonard McKay.
Revolving Ford Fairlane at the Great Mall (Milpitas)
The revolving Ford Fairlane revolves no more, but go here to see what it used to look like. New!
The David Hickey Cavalier
Albino yogurt pretzels compete with half-eaten lollipops & God knows what else. Naturally beautiful oxidation.
De Anza Plunger (Then & Now)
DeAnza Hotel's diving lady. The old one. The new one. And a side by side comparison showing her new politically-correct stumpiness.
Tony's Muffler Service
In the heart of downtown San Jose - a muffler shop.

Way, way beyond the Pale
Other Cities
Wet Cows (Chicago), World's Ugliest Statue (New York City)