The San Jose area boasts a wealth of options for healthy and delicious casual dining that reflects its amazingly diverse population and various fusions thereof. Falafel Drive In at 2301 Stevens Creek Blvd. has been serving up Middle Eastern fare since 1966 and it’s legendary for falafels, foul and banana shakes. La Victoria Taqueria, home of the world famous Orange Sauce, has five San Jose locations and one in Hayward. Iguana’s in Downtown San Jose and Santa Clara is known as the “Home of the Burritozilla,” a 5-pound, 18-inch Super Burrito that’s caught the fancy of competitive eaters, but they have plenty for regular folks with a good appetite. Pizza Bocca Lupo at San Pedro Market is known for its thin-crust, individual-sized pizzas. The Hawaiian poke bowl craze is in full swing here, with Hawaiian Poke Bowl in the SoFA Market, Japantown’s Santo Market and Poki Bowl on the Almaden Expressway.

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