The South Bay is excited and proud to welcome the Big Game, and there will be plenty of places and reasons to celebrate. When we are not building drones, smart watches, search engines and self-driving cars, we enjoy the amenities, culture and natural beauty of this amazing area. You’ll find the Silicon Valley culture welcoming, surprisingly rich in options and very diverse. Join us for the Big Game and come back to explore some more because there is a lot to sample and experience. This insider’s guide to the San Jose area was prepared by the editors of Silicon Valley’s weekly, Metro, with the support of Team San Jose. If you are already a local and know all this stuff, please give this to the cousin from Nebraska who’s sleeping on your couch, otherwise he’ll never get him out the door and you’ll be vacuuming up nacho crumbs all weekend. Note: addresses are San Jose unless otherwise indicated.

High Tech Art

Eat Like a Smart Local

Eat Like You’re an International Traveler

Eat Like a Billionaire

We Craft Our Cocktails

Microbrewers & Craft Beer Pubs

Wine Trails, Tasting Rooms & Wine Bars

Did You Say Coffee?

Asian Teas & Sweets

Skate Through Life

Speed City’s Sports Stars

Outdoor Recreation

Counterculture History

Official Super Bowl 50 Guide