The city blazed a trail in 1881 with the gigantic, 237-foot tower San Jose Electric Light Tower at Santa Clara and Market Streets in 1881. It blew down in a 1915 windstorm, but a scale replica of it exists at History Park at 635 Phelan Ave. A series of LED stripes, known as Show Your Stripes, adorns the residential high-rise at 88 E. San Fernando St. at Second Street in Downtown San Jose. To change the light pattern, call 408.287.0128 between sunset and 3am. After the tone, enter a 3 number combination (* and # can be used), then press zero, and end the call. San Carlos Street Lantern Relay: Eight interactive lanterns on lampposts on San Carlos Street from Market through Fourth streets. Buttons allow pedestrians to change the patterns of the lanterns’ LED light displays. Seattle artist Dan Corson’s “Sensing You” installation lights up two underpasses under Highway 87 with LED rings of pulsing color in 35 different variations. Look for what locals affectionately call the “blue doughnuts.” Displayed on Adobe Corp.’s Almaden Avenue Tower, the San Jose Semaphore displays four wheels at four distinct positions, to display 256 possible combinations. The four wheels turn every 7.2 seconds. Try to crack the code.

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