Inside the Garden Theatre on 1136 Lincoln Street, Jim Stump’s new burger and fry venue will fill an important void in Willow Glen’s culinary fabric.

“Out the gate, we’re starting with hot dogs,” he began, “in Chicago and New York, hot dogs are kings. Everybody here loves hot dogs, but there’s not a venue for it.”

Stump (The Table, Los Gatos Brewing Company) isn’t just talking about your traditional frank. Though those are on the menu if you wish. Instead, I had the pleasure of talking with him about his gourmet selections, which range from traditional to combinations that elevate the hot dog to an entertaining meal.

“We look to be inspired by people who inspire us,” Stump explained, as he went through some of his offerings, many of them named after family or friends. Look out for the Southern Bell, loaded with chili and homemade coleslaw or the Nicodemus Dog, stuffed with fried shrimp, coleslaw and hot mustard. If you’re more modest but want to try something new, the La Nonna dog has just a little bit of mayo, mustard and fresh sweet relish.

As for the burgers, they are planning at least 5, all of which will be locally sourced and grass fed. The pickles and garnishes will be made in-house. Chocolate-dipped cones and organic sodas will also be sold on the premises.

Stumpy’s is projected to open in the spring/summer of 2014. Stump is also currently working on a parklet permit, to extend his seating capacity outside.