Courtesy of, here’s a quick rundown of the latest technology news in Silicon Valley.

Steve Jobs took a personal interest in buying the San Francisco-based cloud storage company Dropbox. According to AppleInsider, the deal was a multi-million dollar offer that founder Drew Houston ultimately declined.

The Feds are investigating whether Google avoided paying taxes in the U.S. by shifting its earnings overseas. The IRS believes the company has used two methods to move its profits through a series of countries, supposedly cutting Google’s tax bill in half and costing the government an estimated $1 billion a year.

On the day Governor Jerry Brown has declared “Steve Jobs Day”, Apple planned a private, invitation-only memorial for Jobs at Stanford.

Because of the economic downturn, Palo Alto-based VMWare is battening down the hatches for next year due to a slow 2011.

In a drawn-out battle over the similarities between Samsung’s products and those coming from Cupertino, Samsung has sued Apple in Japan claiming a conflict between Apple’s devices and Samsung’s patents “covering wireless communications and user-interface technologies.”