Courtesy of, here’s a quick rundown of the latest technology news in Silicon Valley:

Palo Alto-based Pinterest received a shot in the arm from Rakuten, FirstMark Capital, Bessemer Venture and Andressen Horowitz, making the popular service worth $1.5B.

CEO Meg Whitman is expected to announce HP’s restructuring plans Wednesday, but some of those plans were leaked last week revealing that the No. 1 PC manufacturer plans to cut 30,000 jobs over the next year.

Facebook’s acquisition of San Francisco-based social gifting service Karma points up a likely strategy of using its new-found IPO money quickly and strategically.

Ashton Kutcher may be spotted in Los Altos next month while filming scenes for the upcoming biopic of Steve Jobs life. Jobs created the first Apple computer in the garage of his family home.

Apple and Samsung CEOs are meeting in San Francisco today to hopefully start making amends since the legal battle over choice patents in multiple markets began in 2010.