The South Bay Guitar Society (SBGS) presents renowned guitarist Edel Munoz on October 15th at the Le Petit Trianon Theatre.

Munoz first picked up a guitar at the age of 7 and began studying at the Vocational Study of Art in his native Cuba. From then on, the next thirteen years of his life consisted of prestigious music schools and legendary mentors. Munoz won his first competition, the International Competition and Festival de Guitarra de la Habana, at 20 years old.

His teachers gave Munoz a knowledge of classical guitar that allowed him to master classic songs like “Sonatina Federico Morena” and “La Muerte del Angel,” but his knowledge and accuracy of the structure gave him the ability to improvise his own melodies and chord progressions, creating unique renditions of traditional songs. Known for his touch of elegance, Munoz’s playing style and signature is a step beyond rote perfection, landing somewhere between improvisation and innovation.

Munoz’s accomplishments have allowed him to perform in theaters and recital halls over the globe, from Cuba and the United States to Europe. He has also played alongside some of the largest and most renowned orchestras in the world, including the Miami Symphony Orchestra and Cuba’s National Symphony.

By bringing in guitarists like Munoz, SBGS aims to educate audiences of classical and other guitar styles by providing performing opportunities to professional and amateur musicians alike. In doing so, they are reaching out to people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds and educating them in the world of timeless music.

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