Invitations have already been sent out. On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Apple will be unveiling something. As with every Apple launch, that means that there’s plenty of secrecy and speculation. This will be an unusual event.

For one thing, it will be held at the Apple campus, a far cry from some of the more elaborate events, like the launch of the iPad. More importantly, it will be the first such event without Steve Jobs at the helm. Rumors have it that the presenter will be Tim Cook. Though he doesn’t have the star power of Steve Jobs (yet), It certainly will be a great chance for him to get out before the public.

The invitation reads, “Let’s talk iPhone,” so let’s.

NBC says that it remains uncertain whether Apple will announce a revamped iPhone 4 or launch the much anticipated iPhone 5. Most observers are expecting the latter, with the International Business Times even listing the 10 features that people want to see on the new phone.

The third and 10th points seem to be the most popular. The third point, a better antenna, would be a much-needed fix to the problem that plagued the original iPhone. There is no doubt that something along those lines is in the works. The 10th point—a lower price—would not leave many people upset.

Another important feature would be a larger screen. Yes, it’s still a phone and not an iPad, but people (particularly older people) still like to see what they’re doing.  Last, but certainly not least, would be Apple taking advantage of its recent acquisition of the voice-recognition start-up Siri by incorporating more advanced VR technology in the phone. Expanded voice to text features would be especially welcome.

The other big news will be a collaboration between Apple and Facebook. Jeff Verkoeyen, a former Facebook engineer who left for Google, says that the much-vaunted Facebook iPad app has been ready since May, and put on hold since then. Rumor has it that it will be announced on Tuesday, along with an improved iPhone app. If that’s the case, it is likely that Mark Zuckerberg will show up at the announcement as well.

It will be left for Google to respond.

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