Classical guitarist Florian Larousse was 8 years old when he picked up his first guitar. Now 23, French-born Larousse is considered one of the finest players in his field, capturing ears and attention with his virtuosity, his impassioned performances and a musical maturity that reaches far beyond his years.

Playing with a technical proficiency that pays respect to his lineage of accomplished instructors—including prodigious French guitarist Judicael Perroy and composer Roland Dyens—Larousse brings a passion and grace to his playing that really must be seen to be understood. With fingers moving deftly across the fretboard and strings, the young master coaxes delicate, barely-audible single notes and triumphant crescendo strums from a place deep within.

A graduate with highest honor in classical guitar from the National Conservatory of Paris, and winner of numerous juried and audience choice awards from international competitions in France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Portugal and the United States—including the prestigious Guitar Foundation of America International Competition, Larousse has earned his reputation and secured a place for himself on the classical scene as an up-and-comer of great ambition, surity and promise.

With a varied repertoire that spans traditional and modern compositions, from the romantic and contemporary styles to flamenco and jazz-inspired pieces, Larousse brings the elegance of the classical guitar to a new generation of music lovers, playing to appreciative audiences around the world including Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, Europe and the United States. He is welcomed to San Jose by the renowned South Bay Guitar Society, whose mission is to “promote classical and related guitar music in the South Bay to people of all cultures, ages, abilities and economic means” through concerts, classes, workshops, outreach and more.

Florian Larousse plays the Historic Hoover Theatre on Feb. 12 at 8pm as part of the South Bay Guitar Society’s celebrated concert series. He also offers a free informal lecture and demonstration at the Berryessa Branch Library at 2pm in advance of the evening’s concert as well as a masterclass at Music Village at 11am on Sunday.

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