Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of its first retail store. While that could be a reason for celebration, rumors are circulating around the web that at each Apple store 10-15 employees have been asked to come in for a special shift on Saturday night. They will be expected to lock their phones in a safe and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Some will be setting up equipment, while others will receive the task of hanging black curtains in the windows. Store employees have already been told to download several gigabytes of information, and all employees are expected to come in on Sunday morning for mandatory staff meetings. In other words, Sunday vacations are cancelled.

So what does this all mean? It could be that Apple is about to surprise everyone by launching a new product. Could it be a new iPhone or the long anticipated iCloud service? Perhaps it’s a new iTV. Wired says it’s probably nothing, or more likely, “some internal reorganizations that we probably won’t even notice.” Still, that’s hardly cause for black curtains.

One thing is certain. Apple certainly has a flair for the dramatic, especially when it comes to new product launches. It could also be a decoy. After all, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is less than a month away, and that’s a much more appropriate platform to launch a new product. Whatever it is though, it is getting good PR.

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