At their meeting on Wednesday, Apple shareholders rejected a request by the Laborers’ International Union of North America to release its succession plans in the event that Steve Jobs is no longer able to carry on as CEO. Jobs, a cancer survivor, recently took another sick leave for undisclosed reasons.

LIUNA argues that the shareholders it represents have a right to assurances that, “their retirement savings [are] invested in stable, responsible companies.” The union is not asking for the names of the candidates to take over Jobs’s role in the event of a sudden vacancy. It does, however, want to know that the company has a plan in place to identify the best internal candidates.

After losing the vote at the shareholders’ meeting, LIUNA representatives declared that they intend to keep pressing the company to release its succession plan. Chances are that they will have as much luck with that as with getting Apple to release the latest features on its iPad 2 before the formal announcement.

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