(Norway; 80 min.) The mountains have historically been a place of refuge for hermits, rebels and philosophers looking to live apart from the modern world below. But who does that anymore? Sverre Nokling does. Nokling went to college. He took a few odd jobs. But the modern world didn’t suit him. So for nearly 20 years, he has been living alone in a network of snow caves he has hacked out of the Norwegian mountains much to the consternation of his mother and bemusement of alpine truckers he encounters amid the blowing snow. This spare but beautifully photographed documentary depicts a life few could imagine: hanging out in an icy hole and loving it. The question that runs throughout the film is whether Nokling is is just plain crazy or some bearded Buddha who’s found real happiness away from modern, consumer life below the mountains. (SH)

Fri., March 4 at 5pm, Camera 12; Tue., March 8 at 9pm, Camera 12; Wed. March 9 at 4:45pm, Camera 12.