(Chile, France; 84 min.) Back in Chile after 10 years of rootless hackdom as a travel writer, Andres (Santiago Cabrera) is attending a party at a house where so much happened to him. He’s estranged from old friends as well as from the next generation. That’s when Andres runs into Beatriz (Blanca Lewin), clearly the love of his life, just as clearly married with children. Matias Bize’s title refers to Andres’ beef with electronic media (which by his lights is living in a sort of fishbowl). The film laments the kind of future that bypasses the old pick-up soccer game in favor of computer versions. It’s a televisionistic film; its complaints and its text seem conservative enough that you’ll have a successful idea of where it’s headed.  And yet it was the ending that sold me: it’s well-staged, silent, sensitive: quite worthy of its attempt to re-create a love story in the Chekhov style. (RvB)

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