(Iceland; 90 min.) Fridrik Thor Fridriksson writes and directed this self-deprecating autobiographical story of an Icelandic film director (Kristbjorg Kjeld) coping with his mother’s (Hilmir Snaer Gudnason) Alzheimer’s disease and with the thunderous flop of his newly released film. He overestimated the appeal of his story of aged nursing-home residents escaping into the fogbound countryside. Now he, like many of his countrymen, is going broke fast. His attempts at creative film financing are universally funny. His quick-witted mother’s alarming loss of those wits is universally tragic. The last act’s magical realism doesn’t quite jibe with the rest of the film, but the austere scenery shows that life both soldiers on and decays in beautiful places. (DH)

Wed., March 2 at 7pm, California Theatre; Fri., March 4 at 7:30pm, Camera 12; Sun., March 6 at 11:15am, Camera 12