(Canada; 108 min.) After surviving a tsunami in her homeland of Sri Lanka—a tragic act of nature that took the lives of her parents and her sister—Parvati (Kalista Zackhariyas) finds herself living with distant relatives in Canada. Through encounters with a male tenant of the hotel where she works and with a homeless woman, Parvati becomes connected with others in emotionally depleted states, but these relationships only serve to add further drama to her life. Writer-director Rohan Fernando’s tale of devastation and redemption begins and ends with the beauty of snow—a form of cleansing that helps to wash away the memories of how water once stole everything Parvati had known but ultimately presents her with a new beginning. (CT)

March 3 at 9:15pm, Camera 12; Sun., March 6 at 4:15pm, Camera 12; Tue., March 8 at 2pm, Camera 12