(France; 120 min.) In many ways, Nannerl could be viewed as a budding feminist in Rene Feret’s period piece set. But as the story of Mozart’s talented yet overshadowed sister progresses, the independent and assertive teenage girl is shown to be an unfortunate victim of her gender and time. Playing second fiddle, figuratively and literally, to her idiot savant kid brother, Nannerl can only scratch the surface of her musical talent and personal relationships. Nannerl’s father parades his children from one royal court to another to curry fame and fortune, while steadily refusing to reward his daughter’s sacrifice for the family’s welfare. Everything the family has is funneled to the betterment of Mozart, which comes as an indirect detriment to his sister. While Nannerl jumps at the opportunity to break free from her subservient role and take her own paths in love and music, she eventually comes to the sad realization that her life was never really hers to begin with. (JK)

Sun., March 6 at 1:30pm, California Theatre; Thu., March 10 at 6:45pm, Camera 12