(U.S.; 93 min.) The plot that drives Here’s the Kicker sounds reasonably enough: Couple Simon and Brittany quit their dead-end jobs in Los Angeles and decide to move to Texas to be near Brittany’s family and open a joint business, a combination sports bar and beauty salon—a salon/saloon. Along with way they encounter numerous obstacles, emotional and otherwise, and heartfelt drama and sometimes humor ensures. Director Chris Harris coaxes some good performances from the cast, especially Simon’s foul-mouthed, pot-smoking, off-the-wagon dad, but the film stumbles on stereotypes (the Texas sheriff, the long-suffering wife, the punk little sister) and ultimately lacks the pathos that makes us care about any of the characters. In the end, we’re not rooting for Brittany or Simon, and their relationship feels false. (SH)

March 3 at 7pm at SJ Rep; March 5 at 2pm, C12; March 9 at 3:45pm, C12 .